Now we have a gorgeous new bed I think its time to invest in some new pyjamas too. There’s nothing better than putting a fresh pair of PJ’s on after a soak in the tub, snuggling down in them at the end of a long day, or having a lazy Sunday morning at home in them reading the papers. One of my favourite places to browse is Selfridges nightwear department (hands down, my favourite store) which always has such an amazing range.

In the summer I love shorts and cami’s but at this time of year when it is still pretty chilly I really don’t think you can beat a pair of traditional PJ’s. Here are some of my favourites;

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of white pyjamas from The White Company. In my opinion, the price tag is a little on the steep side though at £80.

These cotton pyjamas are similar to the White Company ones but are a snip of the price from Marks and Spencer at £35.00

I spied these Rails PJ’s in Selfridges a while ago and fell in love with them. My Rails shirt is the softest, most comfortable shirt I own so can only imagine that the pyjamas would be equally as fab. Sadly my budget won’t stretch to £190 for these though.

So far these Desmond and Dempsey pineapple PJ’s are at the top of my wish list but still too expensive for my budget at £130. Perhaps I should drop a few hints for Mothers Day?! If you are feeling super lux you can have these monogrammed! Later this month there are some amazing tiger print ones coming too so keep an eye out for those.

I love the simplicity of these Eberjay  jersey pyjamas which come in at £110. As they are jersey I’m sure they would be super comfortable and cosy.

These star jammies from Hush are fab and much more reasonably priced than some of the others I’ve listed, coming in at £49.50. I’ve had Hush PJ’s before, they are such great quality, comfortable and wear really well.

These St Moritz Bodas PJ’s are sold separately, the trousers are £58 and the top £70. I love the Verbier range too which are red with a thinner stripe but I think they are now sold out.

These Vienna Spot Print Cyberjammies from John Lewis are a little bit different, gorgeous and really well priced at £45.

As you can see from the above, there is such an amazing range out there… I now just have to stop deliberating and choose some!