I have recently tried the services of a fantastic new company Style Lyrical. Style Lyrical is a personal styling and shopping service which is brought directly to your door. It is aimed at people with busy lives as it takes away the hassle of shopping. By using the service you don’t have to spend hours trawling the web or traipsing around the shops. However don’t be put off if like me you LOVE shopping. Style Lyrical is still an excellent service to use occasionally to help you think outside your usual style box. The service is not designed to remove shopping from our lives altogether – heaven forbid! It is designed to help us be more efficient with our time.


The starting point is to complete a quick online profile giving your vital statistics, likes and dislikes.

An appointment is then arranged for a 15 minute telephone consultation with a stylist to discuss in more detail the type of outfits you are looking for.

The stylist puts together three or four outfits to suit your requirements. They are packed up beautifully and delivered by courier to you on a day of your choice.

You have seven days to try the clothes on in the comfort of your own home with all of your shoes and accessories to hand. Bespoke style cards are provided to show different ways the pieces can work together.

Then for the tricky part… deciding what not to keep! Once you have decided, you pack up the pieces you don’t want and they wing their way back to Style Lyrical by courier.  The only cost involved, on top of buying the clothes, is a £19.99 styling and delivery fee. It’s as simple as that!


I was very excited to receive my box and before I even got to the clothes I was impressed with the packaging. Everything was wrapped beautifully in tissue and ribbons… I’m a sucker for a ribbon!

Inside the box there was a hand written note, the list of prices, instructions and four style cards showing eight different outfit combinations.


My box contained the following;

  • Tan leather pencil skirt £225
  • Black leather leggings £435
  • 2 x Trousers £55 each
  • Cream high neck top £95
  • Wyse taupe cashmere sweater £180
  • Silk french blue blouse £195
  • 2 x Scarf £65 each
  • 1 fitted T-shirt, cinnamon £42
  • 1 T-shirt, cherry red £45

I immediately saw a number of pieces that I very much liked the look of!  I started with the leather trousers as I have been desperate for the perfect pair for a long time. I’ve never successfully found a pair that fitted me well within budget. The moment I tried these trousers on I knew they were THE PAIR!!! They are incredibly flattering and fit like a glove. They are still very much an investment piece but for full leather I think they are reasonably priced. I tried them on with  a number of different tops and shoes love them with everything… they are definitely a keeper!

I might not have chosen the T-shirts myself, which is the beauty of this service, but when I tried them on I really liked them. They are a great fit and shape, I particularly liked the capped sleeves on the cinnamon one.

The leather pencil skirt is gorgeous & looks great with a variety of tops dressed up with heels or down with trainers. The leather is buttery soft and is a fantastic fit. Sadly I will be returning it as I just don’t think that I would wear it enough to justify it.

The silk shirt and the cream top are again things that I might not have chosen but liked on. Both are great dressed down with boyfriend jeans. For a smarter look the cream top looks lovely with the pencil skirt and the silk top with the leather leggings. As both tops are so versatile they would be very useful. The scarves are a great way of instantly making a casual outfit look a bit smarter.

The Wyse sweater is beautiful. I actually saw it on a friend a while ago but when I went to buy it it was sold out. I have been trying to track one down since so was thrilled to see one in my box.

I would be very tempted to keep pretty much all of it but due to the usual budget constraints I obviously can’t! I now have the torturous task of trying to choose. If I hadn’t tried the service though I most certainly would still be on the hunt for the perfect pair of leather leggings!

All in all Style Lyrical is a brilliant and interesting concept. As they are not a subscription service, there is total flexibility for the consumer. For me, I would probably opt for one box a season but you can have more or less depending on your lifestyle and needs. I urge you to try it…. you might like it… and you will LOVE the leather trousers! Check out the Style Lyrical website HERE.